Welcome to PHCHD-Group Helpline.

Our daily corporate activities has been supported by our customers and many other people with their trust and expectations.
In order to meet their trust and expectations, we must keep continuing our daily effort to act properly and with legality

Please use the helpline to report any violation against our compliance, or when you know the fact that some misconduct which may lead to a violation.

The contents of the report will be treated confidentially and there will be no disadvantage to those who reported the case. The first report is received by our contracted outside helpline dedicated company and it is also acceptable to report under anonymous if you so desire.

First, please click the address where your company is located and the language which you use.
Pertama, silakan klik alamat di mana perusahaan Anda berada dan bahasa yang Anda gunakan.
Ten eerste, klikt u op het adres waar uw bedrijf is gevestigd en de taal die u gebruikt.
Veuillez tout d'abord commencer par cliquer l'emplacement de l'entreprise dont vous souhaitez nous informer.