Use of the Group ITOKI Global Reporting Service
This whistleblower service is a dedicated contact point established to maintain social trust and fairness in the operations of the Group ITOKI and to ensure sound management by addressing issues at an early stage, such as serious violations of laws, regulations, and internal rules that may affect the management of ITOKI Corporation and overseas group companies.
If you have learned that any of the following violations of laws, regulations, or company rules have been committed or are likely to be committed, please proactively use this contact point.

1. Major events that are the subject of reporting through this reporting service

  • Embezzlement, breach of trust
  • Bribery
  • Collusion or price fixing
  • Accounting fraud (e.g., window dressing)
  • Financial crimes (money laundering, insider trading, etc.)
  • Actions or behaviors that cause defects in products or services, or conditions that have already started (e.g., distribution of defective products)
  • Falsification of information during quality inspections, etc.
  • Leakage of confidential information or falsification of important information
  • Unauthorized use of information
  • Overlooking of fraudulent acts
  • Audit fraud
  • Overlooked fraudulent acts due to non-negligent audit fraud
  • Other violations of laws, regulations, contracts, etc.
  • Illegal acts other than or similar to the above, violations of company rules, or failure or insufficient implementation of activities mandated by law, regulation, etc.

2.Features of this Reporting Service

  • Available to employees of all ITOKI Corporation Overseas Group companies, regardless of employment or contractual status.
  • You can report anonymously, but we ask that you use your real name as much as possible.
  • This reporting service prohibits the use of false declarations, slander against others, or any other dishonest or unjustified purposes.
    Persons making such reports may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the internal rules and regulations of the company to which they belong.
  • Those who report using this contact point will be protected from being disadvantaged by the fact of reporting itself, as long as the reporting is not for a wrongful purpose (false declaration, slander, etc.).
  • The personal information of the person reporting, and any information that could lead to the identification of that person will be strictly protected and managed. 

3. How to use the Reporting Service

The common ID and Common password for registering (entering) a report by connecting to this reporting service are as follows.

  • Common ID: ITOKIglobal
  • Common Password: 20050601

First of all, please select the country in which your company is located.


Hong Kong